At the core center of my values as a teacher, I am determined to create a space that ignites work ethic and sustainability for future artists.  One of my teaching philosophies is for students to learn as if they see a place for themselves in the arts.

 From the start, my teaching style will always include real examples of sustainable jobs for artists. The content of my material will cover artists whose life work lies solely as studio artists to artists who work for galleries, museums, and corporate businesses. My pragmatic approach is fostered in the debunking of stereotyping art degrees as illogical, arbitrary, farfetched, unsustainable, etc. etc. etc. The necessity of the art degree is a pragmatic approach to the world of art and design, critical thinkers, and cultural inhibitors.  I will teach students how to create a resume, cv, and an online website. I will teach students how to write grant proposals, apply to jobs, research residencies, and apply for scholarships and graduate school. My belief is that successful art teachers hold the power to educate an artist to live fruitfully from their skills and talents.

My goal is to set students up with a toolbox of skills for future endeavors. Currently, my attention is focused on creating a conducive learning environment for students in their studio practice, in group discussions, lectures, and professional settings. Applied theory and practice is one pedagogy of learning students will continuously apply to their practice. A studio practice, more often than not, is a learned self-disciplined entitled space for creative work to exist. A studio practice is derived from the working artist and the stress I imply on good work ethic. My expectation for students is high work ethic and to take over the responsibilities of a disciplined artist. To students, that looks like their instructor showing up to work, leaving the baggage at home and giving my all. This includes facilitating learning outcomes around time management, continuity, and consistency. The integrity I have as an art instructor is reciprocating in hopes that they will face their art education with the same integrity and dedication.

I believe that the assessment of student work is crucial in order to understand the progression of student skill, creativity, and concept. Students will learn how to conduct art critiques of peer work and how to be critiqued by their peers. Constructive criticism will always be at the forefront of critiques in my class and how to utilize this new type of criticism.

 I believe that students have a role to be active participants of their local art community. It is imperative for students to understand that learning doesn’t only happen within the confides of the institutional setting or their studio practice. I stress the importance of experiencing art culture in outside engagement. Students need to have an active role in contemporary research, attending visiting artists, exhibition openings, and artist talks.

Under my teaching, students will learn a greater understating of self-worth and purpose. Students will be held accountable for own future direction and goals. Students will be held responsible to actively seek the resources myself and the institution provides. Students will walk with confidence that the skills and knowledge they attained are of the utmost value.